Who We Are

We are the smart people of the mortgage world. Fred Glick, our CEO has been in the mortgage world for over 30 years!  Fred has been interviewed many times on CNBC along with being quoted in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, CBS nationally and San Francisco, the Philadelphia Inquirer and many other places.

He has designed U S Loans Mortgage to specialize in tailoring the right mix of rates, fees, programs and processes to meet the varied needs of the clients. We reject the phrase ‘if you’re like most buyers” because we believe every buyer is unique. What mortgage is right for you? Leave it to us. We’ll find it.

We are flexible. Want to apply online? You’ve landed on the right site. Need a little extra TLC? Want unbelievably inexpensive rates? We’re happy to provide it. Phone, live chat, email? It’s entirely your call.

We are fast! Opportunity knocks, but it doesn’t always wait. This is especially true in any highly competitive housing market. Luckily, we can get your pre-approved fast so you can make an offer. Our digital tools make it easy to apply for a loan, submit paperwork, and track the approval process. Or as we like to say: Ready, set, loan!


What We Offer

We offer conventional loans, sure, but there is absolutely nothing conventional about our approach. Our experience runs deep, and we tailor it to meet your needs. FHA loans; VA loans for veterans (Thank you for your service); Jumbo loans for those dream homes with the jaw-dropping views, Investor programs, multi-family loans, acquistion-construction-permanent programs, foreign nationals and others looking to put down roots in California, Colorado or Pennsylvania?


Our Philosophy

No bullsh#%t.

That’s pretty much it. No sales pitch. No nonsense. We’ll pull your credit only when you let us and give you a reasonable estimate of the interest rate, closing costs and terms you can expect to pay.

Know what we don’t offer? Surprises. If a product isn’t quite right for you or if an interest rate has a catch, we’ll tell you details about it. Better still, we’ll find you a more suitable option. Our happy place is paved with positive outcomes.

Typical Lender U S Loans
Application Process Email or fax in documents for pre-qualification and pre-approval • Get pre-qualified online quickly with our online app

• Upload documents and online

Junk Fees Lots of companies charge junk. We don’t
Mortgage Insurance? Monthly mortgage insurance (PMI). No monthly mortgage insurance payments with LPMI
Reserves Requirements • 12-36 months depending on loan size

• 50% must be liquid (checking, savings, or stock)

• 0-2 months reguardless of loan size

• 100% can come from retirement accounts

Internal Communications Experience varies widely depending on size of lender and loan officer you work with • A focus on customer service, communication, and attention to detail

• All of our staff are connected through the web with great softwares like Slack and our modern backend system!

Debt-To-Income Ratio Loan amounts are based on a max debt-to-income ratio of 43% Flexible debit-to-income ratios mean you may quailify for more financing

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