Will the IPOs from Lyft, Uber, Pinterest make the Bay Area real estate market crazy?

My opinion is No.

First, it will be about six months to a year before they can do anything with their stock. Second, they may not sell the stock to buy homes. It’s not like everyone is going to buy on one Sunday at a bunch of open houses.  These are people that like the flexibility of renting and can get a great rental for the money compared to a mortgage payment.

Second, there are only so many houses for sale. People don’t want to sell their property in the Silicon Valley or San Francisco unless they have to.

Third, these are young people that can get a great job anywhere in the world. They are mostly young and single and are not ready or do not want to plant roots.

Fourth, you will hear about some executive who needs to tell all his detractors that he bought a multi-zillion dollar cool house somewhere. That does not mean there is a flood of people buying. It is one person.

Fifth- Maybe they buy a place in Cabo, a ski lodge in Utah, a nice house for their parents in Toledo.  

Sixth- There money will be invested in another start up rather than a house. 

In other words, breathe and relax. The IPO real estate mania is not a tsunami of home buying, it will be more like a steady drizzle.