You know who you are.  People that want or need to put a brand new first mortgage on their house in order to lower a payment, buy your relatives a place far away, finance education, pay the home off faster, etc.


Here's the way it works in the mortgage world 2019 style.  We have you (or we can do it over the phone) go to the loan app and fill out the secure application from our partners at floify.  it's pretty cool.  it's time saving because we are able to retrieve the stuff the lenders want like bank statements directly from your bank securely.  Income documentation possible too since all companies aren't there yet.  But, if you work for a big company, it is likely we can pull your w2s and pay stubs to satisfy that part of the process.

after gathering and hunting, we send your file electronically and securely to the lender we have chosen or locked in with.   They will furnish a loan estimate to you that you will read and we will help you understand.  once you are cool with the numbers, the clock starts on your loan.

As your file goes through pre-underwriting and disclosing, we get to order the appraisal. Simultaneously, the loan goes to the underwriter and the appraisal comes to your place.

Make sure the place looks as nice as you can get it.  They will be taking pictures of the inside.

Then, once the appraisal gets back to underwriting, they issue us a list of the clean up items.  We bug you for anything we need and you're off to closing!

Why go through a broker and who will be my lender?

Good questions.  We have multiple sources and that allows us to find the best deal or put the best situation for you looking short and long term.

We have both big wholesalers and boutique companies some that specialize in one type of loan product.